Still from "Life During Wartime"(2001-2002) by Bill Jones + Ben Neill

NEWS & AROUND  Issue 91 June/July 2002

After its sojourn at the University Galleries in Illinois, Night Vision, an exhibition curated by Joy Garnett, runs from June 14 through July 21 at White Columns in New York. The show is expected to move to g-module in Paris at some time in the future. The title of the exhibition was inspired by a type of precision optical equipment used by the military for night operations. The strategic advantage this technology provides, which makes possible perfect night vision as well as the ability to spy and attack, becomes the metaphor for the show. The participating artists--Jordan Crandall, Christoph Draeger, Joy Garnett, Adam Hurwitz, Bill Jones + Ben Neill, John Klima, Joseph Nechvatal, Jonathan Podwil, and Radical Software Group--make use of various media in their works, but are particularly interested in, and influenced by, the latest technological developments. White Columns, 320 West 13th Street, New York, ph. +1.212.924.4212,

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