What images are conjured when you think "night vision"  ---  marines in craggy outlooks,
playing Battle Zone at your childhood arcade, infrared surveillance cameras catching a
theft-in-progress? All of these interpretations and more are explored in White Column's
current exhibition, which presents artists influenced by technologies employed by the
military, intelligence agencies, and
NASA. A panel discussion with some of the artists,
Time Out New York Art Editor Tim Griffin, and curator Joy Garnett examines other related
issues. Expect heated debates about war, voyeurism, the media, and the appropriation of
technology for destructive, as well as creative, purposes. (Steve Rogenstein)

Note: The exhibition closes on 7.20.

flavorpill 110 : 7/17  7pm  week of July 15-19, 2002
Night Vision panel, White Columns NYC, July 17, 2002
1, Joy Garnett; 2, John Klima; 3, Alex Galloway; 4, Bill Jones; 5, Tim Griffin; 6, Jordan Crandall; 7, Drive (Track 3) DVD 1998-2000 by Jordan Crandall, Courtesy Henry Urbach Architecture, NYC