Night Vision: a partial list of links

posted February 20, 2002



Recent articles about the war in Afghanistan/Military Technology/Government Secrecy:


Defense Department Divided Over Propaganda Plan (it's not a good headline: "United States Announces Plan to Spread Lies")


article on network-enabled US infantry 1/28/2002


Have We Really Seen War "Live on TV"? By John J. Schulz - Global Beat Syndicate (NYU) | CULTURE February 20, 2002 AFGHANISTAN LOOKS AT ITSELF A EurasiaNet Photo Essay by Ivan Sigal: 2/15/02


NYTimes, February 17, 2002 U.S. Tightening Rules on Keeping Scientific Secrets By WILLIAM J. BROAD


Washington Post, Feb 19, 2002 As US Teams Guided Pilots' Attacks, Civilian Presence Made Task Tougher


Boston Daily Globe, Feb 19, 2002 huge military budget proposals are mostly unrelated to defense against terror


Expert: Anthrax Suspect Identified (this link is all over the net…)


Federation of American Scientists, November 15, 2001, U.S. More Tightlipped Since Sept. 11, By DEB RIECHMANN, Associated Press Writer


The Baltimore Sun November 12, 2001 Heat and light are silent allies for U.S. forces; Night-vision goggles, thermal imagery help to hunt down Taliban; Army motto: 'We own the night'; By Tom Bowman


BBC News, Tuesday, 29 May, 2001, 10:15 GMT 11:15 UK E-mail users warned over spy network


Information/Government Secrecy reference:


The National Security Archive at George Washington University maintains the largest non-governmental collection of declassified government documents and other valuable resources.


Cryptome offers an exceptionally rich collection of new official and unofficial documents on security policy.


Department of Energy Opennet is the pioneering bibliographic database on declassified DOE documents.


FAS Project on Government Secrecy


Brief Histories of the Internet:


The Freedom of Information Center


The MediaChannel alternative news network


FAIR (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) on the war on terrorism


National Coalition Against Censorship



War/Military reference:


Federation of American Scientists (FAS) General site index (extensive)


FAS: IMINT 101 Introduction to Imagery Intelligence


Jane's (Military Analysis)


Stratfor : Strategic Forcasting


The Defense Advanced Research Projects (DARPA)


US Department of Defence (DoD)


CENTCOM (United States Central Command)


FAS Military Analysis Network






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