Issue of 2002-07-08
Posted 2002-07-01
The exhibition, organized by painter Joy Garnett,
addresses the shadowy power fantasies lurking
in surveillance, combat, and research gadgetry,
but with such a broadly defined topic Garnett has
a hard time zeroing in on her target. Skip the  un-
inspired video and software works. What's intrigu-
ing is how good old-fashioned figurative painting
seems to have the edge in creating variations on
techno-imagery. Spooky, sexy canvases by Adam
Hurwitz, Jonathan Podwil, and Garnett herself sug-
gest a promising new kind of "Digital-Realist" atti-
tude. Through July 20. (White Columns, 320 W.
13th St. 924-4212.)