PGS organizes travelling photo exhibition highlighting health effects of nuclear war

(Spring 2003 – Summer 2004)




If your idea of surviving a nuclear war includes physicians or hospital care, you could be sadly mistaken.


The health effects of nuclear war is the topic of an exhibition of photos, posters and videos now travelling

across Canada. Entitled Connecting the Dots: Surviving Nuclear War, the exhibition highlights Hiroshima

and Nagasaki as examples. Speakers at various locations are discussing the August 1945 atomic bombings

of the two Japanese cities, the state of nuclear weapons in today’s world, and disarmament.


Organized by the Nova Scotia chapter of Physicians for Global Survival (PGS), the group hopes to give

people insight into the human element of nuclear weapons.


Sean Barry, a medical student and member of PGS, travelled to Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 2003. “Only by

walking down the streets and hearing their stories did I ultimately get some insight into the massive scale

of this tragedy… I have this one picture in my head of a child’s bones, white bones, with a glass Coke bottle

melted through them.”


The group hopes that the photos, posters and videos – on loan from the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum –

will also help people to understand that the threat of nuclear weapons is still with us.


There are still approximately 30,000 nuclear weapons in the world, most of them in Russia and the USA. The

USA is developing a new generation of nuclear weapons and systems that threaten to speed up the race for

nuclear weapons and divert millions from peace-building efforts. Other nations are clamouring to join the

nuclear club.


“There can be no medical response to a nuclear attack. The only way to survive nuclear war is to prevent it,”

says Dr. Katrina Hurley, who initiated the exhibition.



Schedule of Tour: This schedule will be updated as dates and locations are confirmed.





Dalhousie, NS

March 3 – 7, 2003

Halifax Infirmary, Victoria General Hospital & Dalhousie University

St. John, NB

July 28, 2003

St. John Regional Hospital

St. John’s, NL

October 9 – 14, 2003

Memorial University & LA Miller Centre

Ottawa, ON

October 22 & 26, 2003

Roger Guidon & SUNSIH conference

Toronto, ON

November 14, 2003

University of Toronto

Calgary, AB

December 3 – 11, 2003

University of Calgary

Saskatoon, SK

January 12-18, 2004

Royal University Hospital, University of Saskatchewan Place Riel Student Centre & Health Sciences Building

London, ON

January 21-28, 2004

University of Western Ontario

Hamilton, ON

February 3 – 11, 2004


Montreal, QC

March 17 – 22, 2004

McGill University – McIntyre Medical Building

Ottawa, ON

August 2004

Ottawa Public Library


For more information or to inquire about booking this exhibition please e-mail Dr. Katrina Hurley at