2004 (Fall): Devastating Information: The Bomb Project, Nothing.no - the portal to nothing, Bergen, Norway
2004 (Fall):
1st Int'l Festival of Electronic Art 404/Astas Romas, Museo Juan B. Castagnino, Rosario, Argentina
2004 (Fall):
FILE Electronic Language International Festival, Sao Paolo, Brasil
2004 (Fall):
no-org.net: data / reference / art, Jerusalem, Israel
2004 (Spring):
Internet Art , Rachel Greene,Thames & Hudson, Ltd. (World of Art series)
2004 (April):
Version>04 invisibleNetworks (Chicago) more info
2004 (Mar):
Vigil of Planetary Net Art 03, Interview w/ Nicholas Economos
2004 (Mar):
MAF'04 New Media Art Festival, ICECA, Bangkok
2003 (Nov):
MAD'03 Net Specific: Selected Work (Madrid 2nd Experimental Art Festival)
2003 (Oct): 100 Suns, (bibliography), Michael Light, Knopf
2003 (Sept):
Archiving the Bomb, Ryan Griffis, Furtherfield
2003 (Sept):
Interview with Joy Garnett, Ryan Griffis, Furtherfield
2003 (Summer): War as Architecture,Tom Vanderbilt, Knowledge Circuit, Design Inst. (U. of Minnesota) [see below]
2003 (Aug 8):
Da Bomb, For Real, Rachel Greene, Rhizome: NetArt News
2003 (Summer): War Re-framed, Joy Garnett, LMCC LowDown [see below]
2003 (May): Face to Face with The Bomb, Selected Readings + Resources, Paul Shambroom, JHUP
2003 (Spring): The Future of War: Aesthetics, Politics, Technologies, Conference at The New School, NYC
PDF] : front; back
2003 (Spring):
The Future of War, LMCC LowDown
2003 (Mar): The War On Internet, Hector Vilar, Centre Int'l d'Art Contemporain de Montreal
2003 (Mar): Furtherfield: From the Archive: Site of the Month
2003: Rediff Directory
2002 (Nov 29): The Bomb Project, The Write News, Publishing Industry Soundbytes
2002 (Nov 25): What's Online, Cay Dickson, Houston Chronicle
2002 (Nov 20): The Bomb Project Compiles Nuclear Bomb Imagery, Documents for Artists, UrlWire
2002 (Nov 15): The Bomb Project, Richard Kadrey, OPI8: New Dark Culture
2002 (Nov 11): The Bomb Project, Bruce Sterling, Schism Matrix
2002 (Oct 2): Art or Action: Joy Garnett's Bomb Project, Lewis Lacook, Furtherfield
2002 (Sept 7): The Bomb Project, Jaka Zeleznikar, Mladina | Spletna umetnost
2002 (Sept 6): Not For the Squeamish, Helen Varley Jamieson, Rhizome: NetArt News
2001 (Fall): The Bomb Project, Brasil Online | Arte e Cultura: O Melhor da Internet
2000 (July 26):
Beauty and the Beast: The Bomb Project, Robert Atkins, MediaChannel
2000 (Summer):
Joy Garnett: The Bomb Project,The Alternative Museum Online Arts Journal
"The Bomb Project [...] open database on nuclear information exemplifies the manner in which new technologies can simultaneously decentralize and organize information."

- Rachel Greene, Internet Art, Thames & Hudson, Ltd. (Spring 2004, World of Art series)
"A strapping resource for all things nuclear related."
-- Rachel Greene, Rhizome: NetArt News

"The data, debris and aesthetics of the nuclear arms race considered in an art context."  
  -- Helen Varley Jamieson
, Rhizome: NetArt News

"That Joy Garnett is sure one hard-working gal."
--Bruce Sterling in Schism Matrix