2007: Eve Andree Laramee: Fluid Geographies. Conceptual, eco-art. In progress. more info
2006: Chad Person:
FUGO II: A design for the world's first passenger atomic bomb. Albuquerque, NM
Major Bang, or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dirty Bomb.
          A Suspense comedy with magic. The Foundry Theatre.
Arts at St. Anne's, Brooklyn, NY.
more info; NYTimes Theater Review: It Only Hurts When You Don't Laugh, by Bill Brantley.
2005: Kenny Cole:
Black & Blue. drawings, mixed media series
Dr. Atomic, Opera by John Adams + Peter Sellars, premier: San Fransisco Opera; more info
2005: Sam Kerson: Weapons of Mass Destruction. drawings, charcoal + pastel on paper
2004: Leslie Thornton:
Let Me Count the Ways: Minus 10, Minus 9, Minus 8, Minus 7....film
2004: CLUI:
THE NEVADA TEST SITE GUIDE: A Guide to America's Nuclear Proving Ground; (CD-ROM)
2004: U2:
How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb. Music CD w/ DVD
2004: Shomei Tomatsu:
Skin of the Nation, Photographs; exhibition catalogue
2004: Richard Ross:
Waiting For The End Of The World, photo essay/book
2004: Andreas Magdanz:
Dienststelle Marienthal, photographs; website
2004: Tom Wilcox:
Hiroshima, Innocent Souls Rising, created in Apophysis (software)
2004: Grace Graupe-Pillard:
Explosion III. cut-out painting
2003: Leslie Thornton:
Paradise Crushed. film
2003: Wilhelm Sasnal:
A-Bomb, oil on canvas; more info
2003: Peter Greenaway:
The Tulse Luper Suitcases, film/tv; media proj/online interactive story/CDROMS;  [more info]
2003: Jim Sanborn:
Critical Assembly; installation
2003: Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries,
2003: Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries,
Operation Nukorea, online
2003: Robert Longo:
Atomic Bomb, drawings
2003: Joy Garnett,
Dominic Sunset, dual channel DVD installation
2003: Michael Light,
100 Suns, artist book
2003: Paul Shambroom: Face to Face with the Bomb: Nuclear Reality After the Cold War; photo essay/book (intro. Richard Rhodes)
2003: Takashi Morizumi:
Children of the Gulf War; photo essay/book
2003: Kartz Ucci,
Tailings, interactive streaming video (in process)
2002: elin o'hara slavic:
Places the US Has Bombed (in progress); watercolors + book
2002: Brian Higbee,
Badger; Bravo; paintings, oil on canvas
2002: Dan Hurlin:
Hiroshima Maiden; performance; puppetry
2002: Michael Light,
100 Suns, site-specific installation; more info
2002: Kim Stringfellow,
Safe as Mother's Milk: The Hanford Project (web) more info
2002: John Timberlake:
Another Country, photographed dioramas
2002: Dominic McGill:
Model for a deathwish generation, mixed media
2002: Dominic McGill:
This is tomorrow, cast epoxy resin
2002: Joy Garnett:
Rainbow Bomb, oil on canvas
2003: Jim Sanborn:
Atomic Time, photographs
2002: Bruce Connor:
Bombhead, inkjet print on paper
2002: Claudia X. Valdes:
Sites of Trauma. paintings
2002: Claudia X. Valdes:
In the Dream of the Planet. digital video
2002: Claudia X. Valdes:
192:291. digital video
2001: Claudia X. Valdes:
Suppressing the Dream. digital video
2001: Zhou Xiahu:
Beautiful Cloud, DVD animation; more info
2001: Ann Rosenthal + Stephen Moore: Infinity City, online exhibition; installations; started 1982
2001: Elin O'Hara Slavic: Places the US Has Bombed, drawings installation
2000-02: Joy Garnett:
Trinity Suite, online animation
Artists / Works - 21st c.
The Bomb Project is a comprehensive on-line compendium of nuclear-related links, imagery and documentation. It is intended specifically as a resource for artists, and encourages those working in all media, from net.art, film and video, eco-intervention and site-specific installation to more traditional forms of agitprop, to use this site to search for raw material. The Bomb Project has gathered together links to nuclear image archives (still and moving), historical documents, current news, NGOs and activist organizations as well as government labs and arms treaties. It makes accessible the declassified files and graphic documentation produced by the nuclear industry itself, providing a context for comparative study, analysis and creativity. 
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