Is the impending war in Iraq getting you down?
Are you tired of being held hostage by your own government?
Is the growing need to agitate gnawing at your insides?

While you pause to consider your repressed subversive tendencies,
print out these four Quick 'n Easy posters with one click of a mouse. 

Save 'em, trade 'em, or go out in the dead of night and paper the subway,
the grocery store, the post office...
[good recipe for wheat paste adhesive here]

Or just forward them by email.

click thumbnails for printable posters [...or download pdf files] :

These posters are fashioned after PSYOPs leaflets that were dropped over Kosovo and Serbia by NATO,
courtesy the US Department of Defense in Spring 1999. To see the original leaflets click
or click through large posters to original versions...

Copyleft Joy Garnett, First Pulse Projects New York City September 2002.

editor's pick:
MediaChannel, Oct 2, 2002
Working For Change (Oct 2002)
NEWSgrist -where spin is art (Sept 30, 2002)

poster #1
poster #2
poster #3
poster #4
get your agitprop on...
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