Adam Hurwitz



Adam Hurwitz received his MFA from Yale University's fine art program. He has participated in exhibitions at Bellwether Gallery and Gale Gates, et al., Brooklyn, Exit Art and White Columns, New York City, and at Bard College, Annandale-on-Hudson, NY.



An exhibition of recent paintings based on plastic surgery videotapes, "Violent Beauty," was on view November-December, 2001 at Debs & Co., New York City. Apropos of that series he writes: "Through my work, I am interested in exploring the area where horror and beauty coexist. Cosmetic surgery interests me because it is a process where people undergo a brutally violent and self-mutilating procedure with the intention of becoming more beautiful. The painting process in turn becomes the aestheticization of the ghoulish act of surgery."



The traveling exhibition Night Vision includes selection of paintings from Mr. Hurwitz's series of stealth bombers, attack dogs, men wearing night vision goggles and acetylene night scenes of ambivalent beauty.