Hunter Reynolds
Untitled (Ocean)
C-prints and thread

57.5 x 123 inches
Courtesy of
Mary Goldman Gallery, Los Angeles
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Hunter Reynolds

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Hunter Reynolds is an AIDS activist, visual and performance artist who was one of the founding members of ACT-UP and ART-Positive. He has performed extensively nationally and internationally in the Patina du Prey Memorial Dress. Selected exhibitions include The Schwulen Museum Germany; Thread Waxing Space, White Columns, Marianne Boesky Gallery and Paula Cooper Gallery (all in New York); 1997 Documenta, Kassel; and the Yerba BuenaCenter for the Arts, San Francisco. He is represented by Mary Goldman Gallery, Los Angeles.

For his most recent solo show at Mary Goldman Gallery, Reynolds created a series of photo weavings -- large panels comprised of hundreds of iindividual photographs that are sewn together. In one piece, images of the ocean, capturing the waves and the sunlight that reflects from the water's surfaces, symbolize the power and monumentality of an expansive seascape. The title piece for the exhibition,
The Moon Over Gerhard, a tribute to a recently deceased friend, incorporates images of the moon's light reflecting on the ocean and surrounding environment in Southern Florida where the artist has been living the past few years.

Individually, the photographs capture single, definable images and moments in time for the artist. Viewed as a whole, these moments become pieces of a larger visual experience that leaves the viewer contemplating the forces of nature and their power to evoke humility, spirituality and awe.

[from the Press Release,
The Moon Over Gerhard, 2004]

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