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JJ L'Heureux
Stancomb-Wills Glacier Tongue with Emperor Penguins, Antarctica
11 x 14 inches
Courtesy of the artist
JJ L'Heureux was born and raised in Grosse Ponte, Michigan, attended the San Francisco Art Institute and is based in Venice, CA. She has traveled extensively in Africa, South America, the Galapagos Islands, North America, Tierra del Fuego, across the Southern Ocean and into the Antarctic wilderness.

This work is from a series of photographs of the Weddell Sea and the Continental ice of Antarctica from Atka Bay to Halley Station. They were shot over the course of five different expeditions to Antarctica spanning five years, where L'Heureux was a passenger on Russian icebreakers. The lengthiest of these expeditions penetrated previously unvisited parts of the Weddell Sea.

                 The tongues of these glaciers extend out from the continent of
                 Antarctica for hundreds of miles and move as much as 10 feet
                 a day into the surrounding sea. The emperor penguins often
                 congregate their  colonies at the edges of these glacial tongues
                 many miles from the sea edges. Looking closely there is a line of
                 tobogganing emperor  penguins headed for the sea with the crack
                 between them and their destination.

--JJ L'Heureux, 2004