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Geoffrey Hendricks
Birdcage with Pulley
watercolors suspended from a wooden antique birdcage filled with bundles of faggots bound with twine
10 x 12 x 16 inches

Courtesy of
Pavel Zoubok Gallery, New York

images via artpool; and here

images via galerie inge baeker, cologne;

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Geoffrey Hendricks, often referred to as "Cloudsmith," has been active with Fluxus since the mid-sixties. Book works and publishing have consistently interfaced with his work in painting, installation, and performance. Sky imagery is used to describe changes, shifts and the passage of time, a form of reflection, a vocabulary he builds and attaches to objects.

Hendricks lives and works in New York and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia. For his recent solo exhibition at Pavel Zoubok Gallery, NY,
Continuing Sky Dialogues, Hendricks installed a wall of watercolors of sky painted at his farm in Nova Scotia, Canada, together with old roof slates taken from his early 19th century townhouse in New York, as well as other works and asemblages and weathered objects. more info and images

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