Jacqueline Gourevitch began exhibiting in the mid-50's while studying at the University of Chicago and the School of the Chicago Art Institute. She now lives and works in New York City. Gourevitch's on-going series of  "Cloud Paintings" was started in the mid-60's. She has had over thirty solo shows. Her work is included in the Menil Collection, the Wadsworth Atheneum, the DeCordova Museum, and The Museum of the City of New York, among other public collections.

"I keep returning to sky. It is always, everywhere, there, a universal experience. Painting sky, drawing attention to it, affirming the power of nature, recording the sky's endless reconfigurations and sudden emptying out, keep me accountable as a painter. Painting, as I do, with natural light is predictably unpredictable, useful training for daily life. Sometimes what is going on up there is very muted and a special effort is needed to see it. Becoming aware of seeing as separate from what is being looked at is a gift in painting. I am as involved with the grit of paint as with the ephemeral nature of clouds. To a painter there is nothing superficial about a surface.

"If I were to re-title my 'Cloud Paintings' I might call them 'Perpetual Motion.'"

(Jacqueline Gourevitch, 2009)

Left: Cloud Painting # 216, 2005; Right: Cloud Painting # 221, 2007; 30 x 24 inches ea. Both oil on canvas; courtesy of the artist. 


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Cloud Painting # 186
Oil on canvas
20x16 inches
Courtesy of the artist

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