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Joy Garnett is a New York artist whose work focuses on images of the apocalyptic-sublime and its intersections with media, politics and culture. Her  paintings have been exhibited in the US and internationally, including at Debs & Co., Lombard-Freid Fine Arts, Clementine Gallery, White Columns and the New York Academy of Sciences (all in NY); G Fine Art and the National Academy of Sciences, Washington, DC; Kettle's Yard, Cambridge, UK; and Aeroplastics Contemporary, Brussels,  Belgium. In 2002 she organized the traveling exhibition Night Vision which opened at White Columns, NY. In 2004 she received a grant from the Anonymous Was a Woman Foundation. She is the Arts Editor at Cultural Politics, an internationally refereed journal published by Berg, Oxford, UK.

Strange Weather is an ongoing series of paintings based on photographs of storms and "natural" disasters collected from the internet. It is a meditation on the current debate about global warming and climate change, and how they are representated in the media.

             Collecting digital images from various news and government sites on the
             Internet, Garnett unhinges them from their contextual framework by
             introducing them into the traditional artistic genre of oil painting. Her works
             illustrate the malleability of media imagery by rendering fleeting scenes of
             conflict as permanent visceral effigies produced with a painterly meditation
             that erodes the familiarity and acceptance of remote events delivered ever
             more rapidly and repetitiously via evolving communications technology.

[Paul Brewer,
Blasts, G Fine Arts, Washington, DC,  2005]

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Joy Garnett
Strange Weather (2)
Oil on canvas
20 x 26 inches
Courtesy of the artist;
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