Dawn DeDeaux
Shrouded Tree #1
Collaborations with Katrina series
31 x 24 inches
digital photograph

Courtesy of
Arthur Roger Gallery, New Orleans, LA

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Dawn DeDeaux is a multimedia, digital and conceptual artist based in New Orleans. Her works have been exhibited at the Whitney Museum of American Art, NY;  The Armand Hammer Museum, LA; The New Orleans Museum of Art and The Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, CT. An exhibition scheduled at McKinney Avenue Contemporary in Dallas has been postponed due to damage to her studio. DeDeaux herself  was displaced by Hurricane Katrina and currently resides in a treehouse in coastal Alabama.

             If not a consequence of global warming, Katrina is the indiffferent manifestation
             of a weather pattern to be meeasured in centuries, not seasons. Thinking in such
             meteorological time, biblical scale, and mythic proportion, contemporary art is
             the smallest speck of time, and I am wiped off the map...

Dawn DeDeaux,
Art in America (Nov 2005), On the Death of New Orleans.