Acrylic, collage on vellum
30 x  20 inches
Courtesy of the artist

Michele Araujo is an artist living and working in Brooklyn. She is the recipient of grants from the National Endowement for the Arts and Art Matters, and was an artist-in-residence at both Yaddo and Braziers International Artists Workshop (UK). She is the co-founder of Four Walls, an alternative artist space in Hoboken, NJ.

Araujo uses a variety of source imagery in her work, including J.M.Charcot's studies of hysteria from the early 1900s, stills of the death scene from
Bonnie and Clyde, a self-portrait of herself after an automobile accident, and stills from Fassbinder's Year of Thirteen Moons. Female figures (transsexual in the case of the Fassbinder film) form a focal point as they rub up against vernacular images of food, comics, female action figures, explosions, and hanging laundry. Araujo's found images are photocopied, colored, blown-up, and cut up, often becoming unrecognizable. Her approach is visceral and non-discursive, and locates "hysterical" moments vis-a-vis places of privacy within a female world of "madness."


contact:    joy.garnett @ gmail dot com