N I G H T   V I S I O N
N I G H T   V I S I O N
Jordan Crandall
Christoph Draeger
Joy Garnett
Adam Hurwitz
Bill Jones + Ben Neill bio 1 + bio 2
John Klima
Joseph Nechvatal
Jonathan Podwil
Radical Software Group
"Life During Wartime" midi-controlled video + music;  projections and stills. Remix vocals by Nancy Magarill.

more info: bill jones ; ben neillgreen beet productions
All work courtesy Sandra Gering Gallery, New York City
Night Vision performance
James Keyser/NY Times
Ben Neill and his mutant trumpet; Bill Jones' Pulse variant in the background;  NYTimes article

press release

curator's remarks


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stills from "Life During Wartime," interactive music video (2001-2002)
"Untitled (from Blue Maroon series)," cibachrome mounted to plexi  (1998-2001)
@ White Columns, June 27th, 2002
Ben Neill: mutantrumpet / electronics
Bill Jones
: midi-video performance
DJ Eric Calvi
stills from "Nite Nite," interactive music video, in process (2002-2003)